Million Places on Earth – Photo of the Month Awards

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From Fiji to London, from New York to Hong Kong, to your very own neighbourhood we live on a beautiful planet. We want you to take a photograph of your part of the World, submit it to this website and join forces as we seek to break a world record for the biggest book on Earth, featuring the biggest selection of images from around the World.Each month, the Entry that has received the highest number of votes in that month shall receive the accolade of “Photo of the Month“.

Each Photo of the Month shall win a prize to be determined by MPOE from time to time.

The photograph shall be of a recognizable and identifiable place on earth.

The photograph shall not have been: (a) taken by a professional photographer, the definition of which is someone that earns more than 10% of his income from photography; (b) very obviously and visibly manipulated or digitally enhanced in anyway whatsoever, except for cropping and minor digital adjustments; and (c) won any prizes or awards in any previous competitions of whatever form or format or been published commercially elsewhere.

The photograph shall be: (a) no bigger than 2 Megabytes in size; and (b) in jpeg format.



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