Photoshop User Award

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The winner in each category will receive a prize package, valued at over $2,500. The winning image in each category will appear in a special issue of Photoshop User magazine. Enter your work in any of the following categories:

* General Photographyheader.jpg
* Photo Retouching
* Advertising Design
* Illustration
* Artistic Work
* Wedding & Portrait Photography
* Landscape & Travel Photography
* Composites and Collaging
* Photo Restoration
* Student Work
* General Photoshop Design


The Best of Show winner will go on assignment for Photoshop User magazine to Maui, Hawaii to create a cover image for the magazine. Photoshop User will provide round-trip airfare for the winner, and an assistant of their choice, along with hotel accommodations, hotel transfers, and daily expenses. The cover they create will be used on a cover of Photoshop User magazine.

You may submit a minimum of one (1) to a maximum of three (3) individual pieces in one or more of the following categories (no more than three images in total may be submitted):

  • General Photography (digital or traditional scanned images manipulated or composited in Photoshop)
  • Illustration (original creations drawn or created in Photoshop)
  • Artistic (artistic creations)
  • Photo Restoration (Restoring or repairing damaged images – die: rips, scratches, tears, faded photos, etc.)
  • Wedding and Portrait Photography (Wedding or Portrait images enhanced using Photoshop.)
  • Landscape & Travel Photography (Outdoor photography enhanced or corrected, or processed in Photoshop)
  • Photo Retouching (Retouching people, landscapes, architectural images, commercial retouching, etc.)
  • Advertising Design (Images used in brochures, annual report collages, advertising, logos, etc.)
  • Composites and Collaging (Collage of iamges).
  • Student Work (Images created or manipulated by students. NOTE: A valid student ID is required to enter work in this category).
  • General Photoshop Design (Images that don’t fit into one of the categories listed above, die: cartoons, Photoshop graffiti art, tattoo art, medical imagery, astronomy, etc.).

How to enter


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