The Garden Photographer of the Year competition

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The competition is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike. There are no restrictions on the type of camera you use, or the techniques you use to produce your final image.
There will be a range of cash and other prizes available to winners and to runners-up.

Each category will have a winner and two runner-up prizes. An additional prize will be awarded for the best portfolio and there will be two portfolio runners-up prizes.


  • Plant Portraits
    Achieving great images of plants and flowers requires the same skill, passion and commitment as is needed when taking portraits of people… read more
  • My Garden
    We all have our favourite piece of garden heaven, whether it’s a window box or a wildflower meadow. Here is your chance to express what you feel.
  • Garden Views
    Visiting a garden is a great day out for many of us. We can stand and admire the work of gardeners who have dedicated themselves to creating a personal paradise.
  • Life in the Garden
    Gardens are for enjoyment – even if that enjoyment means hard work! Kids love to run around, while the older folks will enjoy the round of the seasons.
  • Trees
    This year’s special category is Trees. We are celebrating the tree in all its diverse forms. From the gnarled old oak to the mighty redwood, we are inviting you to show us.

See Competition rules.

More information is here

How to Enter

You must first register then login. Follow the instructions on screen.

The competition costs £10 to enter. First, you must choose which category fits your image best.

For £10 you can enter up to 4 images in one of the categories. If you wish to enter another category, then this costs an additional £10 for up to 4 images. You can enter as many images in as many categories as you like.

Or you may choose to enter a portfolio of 6 themed images. This costs £20 per category entered. You can enter as many portfolios as you like.
NOTE: £10= approx USD19.00/EURO15.00


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